The Critical Engineer Project offers a free online Two Day Course

Understanding and Realising Your Meta-Skills

What are Meta-Skills?

When we think about the skills we use at work, we often know and understand the technical skills we have. These are quite obvious if we use them a lot e.g operating machinery, planning and managing a project. These type of technical skills are often skills learnt through a course and have a certification of completion.

Meta Skills are the skills we often don't realise we have but use everyday, such as being able to work with other people, solving a complex problem, thinking a little differently. These skills are harder to spot and even harder to demonstrate. But, we know these are essential, especially to get ahead in the world of work.

Course Dates

  • Course 1 - Thursday 15th April - Friday 16th April

  • Course 2 - Thursday 29th April - Friday 30th April

  • Course 3 - Thursday 13th May - Friday 14th May


As a result of successfully completing this two-day course, you will gain valuable insight into your own skills, a Meta-Skills focussed CV, plus a certificate, digital badge and endorsement!

Specifically you will have

  • explored and gained an understanding of what Meta-Skills are

  • developed your own strategies to reflect on your experiences

  • learned how to visualise and demonstrate your Meta-Skills

Explore our interative resource board with clips and useful tips for each of the 12 Meta-Skills